“ I am a patient of Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya. I know him very well for a long time now. They are extremely generous, kind, philanthropic, and do many free treatments for poor patients. They have a reputation for being very straight forward, ethical and transparent in their dealings with the patients.”

Neha Jhunjhunwala

Doctors are always busy and in a hurry, but whenever I visit your clinic you give your sincere and undivided attention. Having an visit to your hospital is always worthy. Thank you, You have been more than a doctor to our family, but also a good friend to us. I am relieved knowing that you are there taking care of our baby even when we can’t see him or take care of him

‎Urvashi Harkhani Radadiya‎

I am so glad that I came here for the treatment because god could not be everywhere he made sure that we have doctors like you who have the gift of healing mankind .I am so thankful to you and your staff for treating me so tenderly. Thank you very much

Rashmi Bhanawat

Excellent and honestly first Hospital I feel to have this homely attention and attitude towards the patient. Blessed to have been here for my baby .thankful to Dr Jaydev Dhameliya and the entire staff. God’s grace to be on us and we come here again for our second child. stay blessed

Sheetal Bavisi

I trust “RADHA Hospital & MAternity Home”doctors and their cutting-edge skills. Initially I had a lot of anxiety & concerns regarding the overall cost of treatment. However, on the day of my discharge from the hospital, I was fully convinced that the treatment I received was a good value for the money I had spent & I was charged fairly for the entire treatment.

Mrs Sarita Patel

I’m short with the words but that I should compliment or my heart felt thanks and respects to the flawless relentless and a service when in you believe that a patient is not a patient for you but a part of your family member I wish tremendous prosperity and growth to this temple where every patient care is like next to God

Mrs Anjali

“ When I first met the doctor, I knew that I am in right place for my infertility problems. The IVF treatment plan was very well explained and written down. The ultrasound appointments are very well coordinated. Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya does the scan and explains you everything. All the appointments, scans, pick up and transfers are personally handled by the Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya, I would urge all the couples facing with fertility issues, pls get in touch with the Radh IVF Center and I am sure you will not regret the decision ! ”

Priyanka Bhatt

I would really like to compliment the entire staff of the “RADHA IVF Center” for such professional and the same time personal touch to all this services. Special thanks to Dr Dhameliya for performing such a complicated surgery with such a ease and the confidence he gave me. the night nurses and patient attendant was so efficient also the security in the night staff is extremely good. Thanks once again to the entire “RADHA IVF Center” staff

Mrs Anita Mehta

40 yrs old, from Rajkot, Who came for her endoscopic surgery at “RADHA IVF Center”
“RADHA IVF Center” Hospital is advanced in medical facilities and infrastructure. I have confidence in its healthcare standards & full trust in its doctors. The process of my entire treatment starting from the 1st appointment, through to my surgery & final recovery was amazingly swift, easy and effortless. It is best maternity & gynecology hospital

Mrs Priti Shah

baby I choose “RADHA IVF Center” because it is amongst the best maternity & gynecology hospital in the state. Right from my first consultation till my delivery, I felt right at home, with an experienced medical professional by my side every step of the way

Mrs Ranjana Agrawal

Everything is excellence and Dr. Jaydev Dhameliya, so loving nature that our worries simply disappeared. May God give him long working life so he can give many more years of service to his patients

Vidhi Parikh

“RADHA IVF Center” is one of the best hospital in Gujarat staff are so cooperative,best services best cleanliness. Dr Jaydev Dhameliya and whole staff are very cooperative. Hope “RADHA IVF Center” Hospital touch to sky… thanks

Pooja patel

34 yrs old, from Ahmedabad, Who underwent infertility treatment The doctor showed me the test results, explained its implications and addressed my concerns patiently. This helped to ease much of my anxiety. “RADHA IVF Center” provides quality and compassionate medical care to its patients

Mrs. Nayna Parikh

The brilliant work that you have been doing consistently taking the patient care and health at the utmost priority kudos to you are relentless hard work and impeccable service. keep treating your patient with the same smiley faces as half of the illness that vanished. thanks to the all the nursing staff give amazing service in terms of dispensing the injection to the patient. The whole function of the hospital is extremely good, the real presence of God is felt in the hospital as well as every person working in every departments. We are grateful to Dr Jaydev Dhameliya and team, we experienced real Joy care concern and healing as well as love from you. We promote others also to come experience healing and care in best hospital in town

Jagruti Chavda

Dr. Jaydev is an angel for us. His part in our dream to have a baby of our own cannot be fit in words. Our best wishes to every couple who come with lots of hope to Rdha IVF Center. This is indeed the best place to have a baby

Padmaprita Yagnesh